Sunday, March 29, 2015

1937 Brauks 8

This cute little five window coupe began life as a custom built vehicle in 1937.  George S. Brauks was a foundry pattern maker and carriage builder.  The front of the car is a 1937 Terraplane.  It is believed that from the cowl back it is a sectioned 1936 Desoto four door sedan.  The rear doors were sectioned out and the front doors were shortened.  Then the entire body was narrowed along the centerline.  For power Brauk made patterns and cast a one off straight 8 L head engine of  115 CID and 65 HP. The cylinder head is only 22 inches long.  Intake and exhaust manifolds were fabricated out of welded tubing.  The car is currently for sale in Butte, Montana, for $70,000.

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