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Citroen Rod and Race

There is a wide spectrum of vehicles that have captured peoples' imagination.  Everything from a little red wagon to a military transporter have been rodded, altered,  and raced. I have always been drawn to the Citroen 2CV.  This particular one strikes me as being a fun ride.

Justacarguy posted yesterday an example of a built up 2CV with two engines that raced in Rallye de l'Atlas in Monaco.

Street art

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Home built Boss Hoss three wheeler

While Boss Hoss does make three wheelers  perhaps this guy's significant other wanted something a little more sheltered... or chariot like.


Drone photo by Aydin Buyuktas posting as aydinbuyuktas on Instagram

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White Triplex

The White Triplex was powered by three Liberty aircraft engines.  It had a total of 36 cylinders, 81 liters of displacement and a claimed 1500 horsepower.  It was a direct drive vehicle with no clutch.  It was started by pushing and once under way needed to be rolling to continue running.

Ray Keech drove the car at Daytona on April 22, 1928 to a new land speed record of 207.55 mph.

Additional information here.

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Horse and buggy

That's a good looking horse, it deserves better.