Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Big boy toy

Amusement parks from time to time have a need for lifts capable of reaching some very high places. Sometimes there are needs for service and maintenance; while at other times they might be called upon for rescuing people from rides that have stalled in high places.

Universal Studios Singapore has two lifts that can extend 135 feet. There are limits to just how far they can extend in relationship to the angle at which they are extended. Units without outrigger supports need a fairly wide stance for stable extensions of the longer booms. However, a wide stance makes them difficult to maneuver in limited spaces. A compromise is reached with a unit that has an adjustable stance. Wheels in close to the body for moving into position and then hydraulic cylinders that spread the wheels apart as the unit moves into position to begin work. The two photos show the difference in the space between the wheels before and after extension.

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