Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Saab Monster

Before moving on to a V4 engine (late 60's) to power their Model 95 and 96 cars Saab used a three cylinder two cycle engine.  In 1959 in an effort to find more power they experimented with a modified Model 93 equipped with a six cylinder.

Saab joined two highly tuned three cylinder engines at the crankshaft and mounted the combo transversely in a widened engine bay.  The result was 138HP and 122mph.  The aerodynamic teardrop shape of the car was originally chosen due to its handling characteristics and fuel economy. However, as this car approached it top speed the teardrop shape had a tendency to become airborne. It also suffered from heavy understeer as well as torquesteer.  All of these characteristics lead the car to become known as the Monster for those who experienced its behavior from behind the wheel.


  1. Well,,,they tried !! where is the car NOW ??

    1. The Monster now lives in the Saab Museum at Trollhättan