Monday, January 20, 2014

World's largest salt mines museum

 The old Salina Turda Salt Mines are in Transylvania, Romania.  They have been converted into the world's largest salt mines museum.  The mines were established in the 17th century and were formed without the use of explosives.  Today's visitors can descend almost 400 feet into the museum.

An amphitheater with 180 seats is located at a depth of 140 feet down along with a carousel, ping-pong tables, basketball hoops, mini-golf and bowling.  The museum has a temperature that averages about 55 degrees while the humidity is around 80%.  Some of the old machinery is used to lead people on tours.

Theresa Mine is at the 370 foot level and contains a small lake where boats are available for rental.  There is a rotating wheel that provides the opportunity to see the stalagmites that have formed.

In the Gisela Mine the museum offers health treatments based on the old mine's climate.

Additional images from the Salina Turda Salt mines can be seen here.

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